Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Hey remember me?!

Apology posts seem to be quite frequent on my blog which makes me super sad :( I had such good intentions when I first started sigh.

Well I'm back! I'm going to set some time aside each week just for blogging: reading, commenting and writing. I didn't realise how much working full time would change my life! I love my job (receptionist/switchboard operator) and the people I work with are all lovely. And they're very open and complimentary on the way I dress. I eased headscarves into my work-wear; started out with the rolled up ones that are similar to headbands, then a small full head scarf that just had a tiny knot and then a big full head scarf with a big knot/bow :) I don't know about you guys but when I wear the full headscarf I find people stare sooo much more, even if it's just teamed with t-shirt and jeans. It's just a scarf people! People never stared at me when I had bright red or pink hair, yet a headscarf turns heads. Weird.

Unfortunately it's not just the blog that has slipped...I haven't been sewing as much I would like. The commissioned dress from Jas Tang the journalist was posted this morning so that is all done and dusted. I also made high waisted shorts to match the reversible tie top from the previous post, except not reversible, they're just peach and white. There was Granny Would Be Proud on Saturday 8th May which went well. I sold some things and made some excellent contacts but battled with a horrific cold all day. Miss Lottie Lou was also in the local newspaper! I'll scan it and put it up for you guys to see. I was asked to make a leavers ball/prom dress off of the back of that article! I've also been spreading the word at work, I've picked up 2 little alteration jobs already! And I altered a whole bunch of things for a good friend of mine and made some boleros into button up tops. Oh and I made 3 togas in one night.
But that is all the sewing I've had time for :( Not nearly enough Miss Lottie Lou creating for my liking. Especially when I have so much super cute fabric to working with!
Not sure if I've mentioned yet or not but Miss Lottie Lou is now on Twitter and Flickr. Both are super bare right now...going to have to pencil both of them in alongside blog time. And the Facebook fanpage, well Like page now, has hit the 100 mark and gone past it! So to celebrate I'm going to have a thank you prize. Not decided what or how I'm doing it yet but keep your peepers peeled as there will be one!

In amongst the working and sewing my boyfriend went and broke his ankle. How did he do that? He stepped backwards off of a kerb. I kid you not. So folks be wary of kerbs, they're dangerous things! And because I love the big numpty and I was worried about him going in for surgery, I dropped everything and dashed off to Dundee (2 hours away from where I live) to be by his side for 2 days. He broke his ankle in 2 places and had to have surgery to have put pins put in and is now on crutches in a cast with a very long recovery ahead of him. Silver lining of it all though was that he came home to recover for a week so I got to see him for a few days :) You got to find the silver lining in everything!

Well I'm afraid that it is it for now. Got to go plan my outfit for work tomorrow. I've been there for almost 3 weeks now and I haven't worn the same outfit twice! Takes a lot of planning though which is starting to wear thin. Rightio I promise to catch up with you all soon and I promise it won't be this long till we speak again!

Lottie x


  1. Seriously, sometimes I think about getting a job where I could have uninterrupted skive time on a computer to do all my 'personal admin'. I teach full time at the moment so it's not an option. But keep sewing and creating even if you don't have time to blog about it!

  2. Thank you so much for the pep talk :) It's very much appreciated. I've just accepted another commission today so that will keep me focused and sewing :) Thanks again,
    Lottie x


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