Monday, 29 March 2010

More photos as promised :)

This is me outside Vintage Guru in Glasgow. I know Alice in Wonderland is being done far too much just now but that still doesn't take away from how cute the windows are!

This is my mum and dad having tea and cake in Auntie M's Cake Lounge that it is kitted out in 1950s kitchen and living room things. It's beautiful and the cake is DELICIOUS!! If you're every in Glasgow you should swing by it. And pop into the Made In The Shade Maisonette while you're there :)

The super awesomely cool teacup that my peppermint tea came in at Auntie M's! I want a set so bad!

Neil, Dad, Mum, Me, Hana
This was Saturday night in Edinburgh at The Spiders Web seeing a band called the Blue Flames. Was a fun night :) And the calico bag you can see on the table, I made it to advertise All Tore Up!'s new record label. And yeah you might have noticed that I hang out with my parents a lot... I always have because they're so much fun and really cool to hang out with. They're not just my parents, they're 2 of my best friends. Some of my friends think its weird, others are a little jealous that I've always got on so well with them. But all my friends know if they ask me to go out over a weekend that I'll check what my parents are up to first!

Today I got an order for a whole summer wardrobe! Miss Hana Amelia went through my fabric stash picking out the fabrics she liked and assigning garments to them! Was a fun little afternoon drawing up plans for all the fabrics. There's going to be high waisted shorts in various colours, a love heart print playsuit and sleeveless tie-up shirts in a variety of colours and patterns. All very exciting however I need to get everything finished for my Made In The Shade stall so those things are on hold until after April 17th!
Tomorrow I have a job interview for a receptionist position...yay and boo. Right now I need a steady income to pay off my debts from uni and to support my fabric and vintage clothing habits. It's only a temporary position which is ideal as I can work and pay off all my debts and then once it's over I can focus on Miss Lottie Lou full time with a clean slate. Plus I don't know about anyone else but when I think of receptionists I think pencil skirts, pretty blouses and pearl necklaces!!

Hope you all had a good Monday and enjoy the rest of your week :)
Lottie x

Sunday, 28 March 2010

The best things in life are free

My oh my! Remember when I got my fabulous free furniture? Well the other night I received a text from the same people saying they had found a 1950s suit and some hats! When I went round to their house they gave me more than that.....
(sorry for the rubbish photos)

Beautiful blue skirt suit with bows made from real fur...not sure where I stand on the vintage fur thing, especially as I'm vegetarian. What do you all think about vintage fur? I was very surprised the skirt fit but I'm chuffed that it does!

This dress as it is, isn't right for me. It fits beautifully but it's too long so I'm going to take it up.

This was his Mum's wedding headdress from 1959! He still has her wedding dress which he doesn't want to hand into a charity shop but doesn't want to put it in a cupboard forever, so when he's ready to part with it, he's going to give me a call which is unbelievable!

Very cute black hat but my head is huge so I can't get it on. But in my defence it is really small!

Another pretty hat but again it won't fit on my big head :(
A black/blue clutch bag

Blue bag with some wear and tear

Beautiful brown bag

I'm still in shock at this amazing find. Things like this just don't happen to me! I'm now constantly checking freecycle in fear that I might miss something!

Tomorrow I'll be posting more photos, one in particular is of the cutest window display I've seen in Glasgow for a while :)
Until then I think you should go check out MJ over at dreaming spires and old car tyres because she is just one of the nicest people I've 'met' since starting my blog, and truth be told she was one of my main inspirations for starting one. So thanks MJ!

Lottie x

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Blog award!

I want to thank the lovely Coedith for my first ever blog award :) You should check out her blog!

I'm supposed to tell you 10 things about myself and pass it to someone else. I'm giving it to The Mysterious Life of the Metropolitan Housewife because she is so very lovely and gave me high fives when I first started :) As Coedith said it's a bit chainmail like so no pressure to do it or accept it!
Right 10 things about me:

1. I'm vegetarian and have been for about 4 years and could be vegan if it wasn't for cheese!
2. I own a 1989 flame red mini called Gav and I love him so much :)
3. I backpacked round Europe when I was 17 with my best friend Elaine
4. I was the first person in my family to go University...
5. and I failed my 3rd year but still set up my own business, proof you don't need a bit of paper to be successful
6. I have been with my boyfriend for over 6 years and he has dreadlocks that go down to his bum!
7. I learnt to crawl at a rock and roll weekender at 8 months old
8. I don't like dogs but would love a pug
9. My cat makes me feel guilty about wanting a pug
10. I once ripped all my eyelashes out by accident while I was using eyelash curlers and my hand slipped. That was a couple of years ago but to this day I can't look at eyelash curlers, even just a picture in a magazine makes me feel physically sick. They grew back though!

I forgot about putting up the photos of the dress that I got at the Vintage Fair so here it is, complete with close-up of the pattern and buttons :)

Until tomorrow :)
Lottie x


Rightio here is a photo update about my new love and obsession...the free furniture! Well apart from the £45 van hire.
Bedside cabinet

Check out the 'secret' drawer!

Dressing table with a sneaky look at one of the dresses I'm working on in the corner

They're all really deep drawers apart from the one in the middle, that houses my headscarf collection!

The beautiful wardrobe that started it all :)

Inside the wardrobe

Inside there are 2 rails and hook thingy for ties, but I'm using it for bags!

The phone table which I think I'm going to use as part of my set-up for Made In The Shade, but after that I'm not sure where it will go

The bookcase...please excuse my Dad, we took this photos to send to friends as we're not keeping this as we have no room whatsoever so we're giving it to our friends Aaron and Ellie who are just moving into a new house ready for their first baby coming.

So there we have it, my best find ever! I'm going to email photos to Bruce (the husband) and just show him their new home. I seriously can't believe how much I'm in love with furniture!
Lottie x

ps photos of the headscarves I made yesterday are up on the Miss Lottie Lou Facebook fan page

Monday, 22 March 2010

Vintage furniture to house my vintage clothes

My goodness what a week!
I'm a member of the Helensburgh Freecycle on Yahoo Groups, where people post up unwanted things to give away to people for free and one day last week while I was scrolling through one just said various furniture. So I clicked on it and in amongst the 1970's cupboards and what not what was a 1950's wardrobe! There were no photos but I emailed the lady right away asking about it. She said I could meet her husband at the house and have a look for myself. Well my heart was racing when me and my mum got to the house! He took us upstairs and showed me the wardrobe...and matching dressing table....and matching bedside table!! They're beautiful!! I had to take all three because it would be sad to split them up after all these years. He then showed us around the rest of the house and said if there was anything else that I saw I could have I also came away with a telephone table and a bookcase, all 1950's and free!
I couldn't take anything there and then as I had to convince my parents first of all that I needed it all and couldn't go on without them, and secondly that it would all fit in my bedroom/studio! So I spent the next couple of days clearing out my room and palming my Ikea furniture off onto others and drawing up plans to show them that it would fit. Then they said yes!! So I booked a removals van and enlisted my Dad and boyfriend to move all the furniture. I had the best time organising all my vintage clothes into my vintage wardrobe :D I took some photos to show but my camera is making them look a gross yellow colour so I'll need to borrow someone else's camera before I show you as I can't taint it's beauty with a rubbish photo!
Then as if that wasn't all exciting enough for one week, The Affordable Vintage Fair came to Glasgow!! I was a tad disappointed that there wasn't more home stalls and more 40s and 50s things but don't worry I did buy a dress! It's a sleeveless red one with buttons down the front of the bodice. And the stockings and tights stall was amazing! And the lady who ran it was just lovely and a delight to talk to. I had never seen such an amazing range of styles, brands and colours! Me and my mum spent a fortune so she threw in 4 free pairs for me! I got some Jonathon Aston stockings and tights; all nude, one with a red seam, one with a black seam and one with a red and white polka dot seam, three pairs of plain nude Christian Dior stockings, one pair of white Mary Quant tights with a white seam with white bows at the ankles and another pair of Mary Quant tights but black with black seam with a black feather at each ankle. I think that was all of them, I can't remember now! I also got a kitten brooch and a vintage dress pattern and my mum got a jumper and various tights and stockings too.
Then we headed down to Byers Road for another vintage fix! I got a 1950's red swimming costume. It is beautiful!! And I don't mean to toot my own horn but I look fabulous in it! It's red halter-neck with a low scoop back and it was only £10 out of Vintage Guru. I can't wait for summer or some sort of beach party! I'll wear it with seamed tights, wedges, flowers in my hair and matching red lipstick!!
I also bought so much fabric, it's an addiction I tell you!
Photos of everything will follow shortly, as I can't wait to show you all everything!
Today keep your eyes on The Made In The Shade Blog as they are announcing the Glasgow Springtime Jamboree. One of the names will be mine!! Still can't quite believe it!
My plan for the day is to get cracking on all my lovely fabric and take photos for you all to see.
Have a good day,
Lottie x

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Party time!

Hey so last night was Holly's birthday party. This is the one who's dress I made but everything about it was a secret, nobody knew what colour or style it was going to be. It turned out really well and she loved it! She kept thanking me all night and I got a special mention in her speech which was ace. And everyone kept coming up to me and saying well done and that it looked great so it really was a success :)

Holly and Me both in Miss Lottie Lou dresses

As you can see we have very very different styles! When we first started work on the dress she said she wanted a gold sequinned halterneck....I think I delivered! Her original idea for the skirt part wasn't feasible with the fabric we'd picked out so we went with making the dress all in one as opposed to a separate skirt and bodice which made for a much nicer streamlined dress. When she came for fittings she kept saying tighter, shorter! Then the night before the party she said make it you can't make fabric grow! Luckily I had made the hem quite big just incase of such an event! Can't believe how horrifically pale she makes me look. The dress I had made for myself was just a simple knee length shift dress with square kneckline on front and back out of beautiful rose print fabric that I had in my stash.
It was a really good night but I don't drink very often but my goodness when I do I end up very drunk. Fun at the time but the really sore head the day after is not so much fun. Which yup means today was not a productive day.
I shall be up bright and early tomorrow though to do lots of work before I take my Mum out for Mothers Day. We're going to see Gentlemen Prefer Blondes at the GFT which is a beautiful old cinema with original features. Are you guys taking your Mum's anywhere nice?
Right I'm heading off to bed to try catch up on my sleep after all that partying :)

Lottie x

Thursday, 11 March 2010


I didn't realise how long it had been since I last updated! I would love to say I have lots of new things to show you but it's not the case. Over the last couple of days I have finished finished Holly Sawkins's party dress. The best part of making something for someone is seeing them in the garment jump up and down squealing "I love it I love it!" I'm so pleased she's so pleased with it! If I'm not back from the party too late tomorrow I shall put up a photo of it.
I have also been working on a leopard print dress. It's one of those projects that right from the start I've not been 100% into. The fabric is lovely but because it's satin it's all slippy and I'm finding it a bit of a nightmare to work with. Then my overlocker broke!! Was not impressed. Luckily all it needed was a good hammering so all is well now :) I just need to get my head down and do it and stop getting distracted...
One distraction was a new blog I stumbled across: is currently doing a self imposed challenge called Me-Made-March which is excellent and you should go check it out to find out what it's all about! I don't know about anyone else but when I come across a new blog I like, I read it from the start so I'm up to speed with what's going on. Zoe's was a delight to read; humorous, insightful and full of pictures. I think this is something I'll make a regular thing of doing, highlighting a blog that I really like.
Now I haven't just been reading blogs, a friend of mine has brought round a pile of vintage clothing for me to alter. Unpicking is a nightmare!! And the things she's brought round are really well made with multiple lines of stitching argh! So I have started tackling them.
I also started on a black rose print shift dress...I'm making it to my size because I might keep it! I can't really afford to keep it all for me so I might just prance about in front of the mirror for a while before we part ways.
And I know I have plenty of fabric to be getting on with, but I couldn't resist getting some more today. I would put up a photo but I can't find the lead for attaching my camera to my laptop. However from this secret material, I now have a full skirted dress and a just a full skirt in the pipeline. I also bought some excellent wool material that is actually part of my present for my Mum for Mothers day as I'm making her a pencil skirt out of it. I promise to get to work and finish things off so I can show you photos!
Other than that I've not been up to much. I did get told I had great style today by a random lady I passed which really lifted my spirits. I'd just thrown dungaree jeans on with a checked green shirt and a doo-rag so I didn't think I was looking all that great, how wrong was I!
I'm going to leave you now with a photo that was taken a couple of months ago at All Tore Up! which is an awesome 1950's record hop in Glasgow. Happens once a month on the first Saturday in Blackfriars basement so if you're about come! I work on the door so you'll be greeted by my smiley face :)

Hana, My Mum Sam, Me, Valarie, Ellie (and baby bump)

Until next time, take care.
Lottie x

Monday, 8 March 2010

I've been accepted!!

I have a stall here!! It was so nerve racking applying because I have never done anything like this before and I was scared of putting myself out there. But now it is done and I have had such an amazing positive response I'm on top of the world!! I've re-read the acceptance email a bunch of times to make sure I hadn't read it wrong!
I don't know how many items I should have ready for the event so I'm just going to make as much I can right up until the time comes as I don't want to turn up on the day with like 5 items and end up with zero interest. The event itself is always awesome. I've been to quite a few now and I've always come away with something super cool. If you're near Glasgow you should come by, you'll love it guaranteed :) If not they have events in Edinburgh and they have a really cute shop down Cresswell Lane off of Byres road in Glasgow so plenty of chances to see the magic!
After all the excitement I was too giddy to start anything new. I was just so unfocused because I was daydreaming about my stall, how it would look, what I would be selling and all other kinds of little bits and bobs!
I did however finish Holly Sawkins's 21st party dress. She came round for a fitting and decided she wanted it tighter and shorter so I did the alterations. I'll get her to come round for another fitting before I say it's finished finished. When I make something I don't settle till it's perfect and even then I can always think of something else I could do to make it even more perfect! I think it's something everyone in any creative field struggles with. Perfect is never good enough!!
I probably won't be able to sleep tonight!
Until tomorrow,
Lottie x

Sunday, 7 March 2010

All Tore Up!

Well well what a busy/lazy weekend! Friday I lined the woollen skirt but since then work has been put on the back burner and partying took over...
Friday night I was in a pub called The Wise Monkey in Glasgow listening to the All Tore Up! DJs play some records. My wide legged green trousers got another outing and I got lots of compliments on them which is ace :)
Saturday I spent the day catching up with family friends who were only in town for the day. Then Saturday night was All Tore Up! which is a 1950s record hop in Glasgow. I help out by taking the money on the door which is actually so much fun as I can check out everyone's outfits! I did lots of bopping and a little bit of strolling which is my workout for the month ha!
And then today I spent the day snuggled up with a blanket watching films and recovering, not from drinking but from tiredness. I can't party like I used to!
Tomorrow the work starts again which I'm looking forward to. In fact I'm going to prep my sewing station now so I'm ready to go in the morning!
Hope you all had a good weekend,
Lottie x

Friday, 5 March 2010

Mmmm Vintage

Today was a great success :) I love vintage shopping. The thrill you get when you see something beautiful hanging on the rail followed by the racing heart to see if it fits you and then the overwhelming feeling of joy when it fits like it was made for you! I just don't get that from high street stores.

Hana, David, My Mum Sam and Me
Headscarf, Bangle, Skirt, Shoes: Charity Shop
Shirt, Vest, Cardigan and Bag: Vintage

That was our little shopping group for the day. I got one of the girls in Vintage Guru to take the photo for us. Don't usually have a boy with us but he was the perfect gentleman opening doors for us all day :) While I went shopping specifically to buy fabric I ended up buying 3 headscarf, 2 jumpers, 1 cardigan which I'll wear as a jumper, and a pair of wide legged jeans with detachable dungaree straps all from various vintage shops. Didn't realise how much I had spent till I got home and totalled it all up and all I can say is whooops....

And I bought some vintage fabric! I only found one piece that I liked and that I thought was suitable but I'm happy with it. I was even happier when the lady who owns the shop did me a deal :)

There's enough fabric for a dress and a skirt. I've drawn up some designs for both and I can't wait for them to be finished! Can't decide what I'm going to work on tomorrow...think I'll wait till morning and see which fabric I'm in the mood for.

Hope you all had a good day,
Lottie x

Thursday, 4 March 2010

I love woollen skirts

Rightio so here is the skirt:

I had to make it too small for me because I love it and would keep all to myself! It still needs a zip and hemmed and the waistband sorted out but I don't have a suitable zip laying about.

I was wondering if you all could help me a bit here. What are your thoughts on lining in skirts? Personally I don't like it. I find it makes the skirt slippy and spin. And when you try to tuck a jumper or shirt in, it doesn't stay tucked in because they can't grip onto the lining! But if this is just me I don't want to be making skirts without lining when everyone else wants their skirts to be lined. So if you could let me know what you think that would be much appreciated :)

Today I'm going fabric shopping :) I'm heading to Glasgow's West End for all the vintage shops so hopefully I'll have some exciting things to show you later.

Hope you have a good day
Lottie x

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Eeep first photo!

Today I didn't make anything :( Bad times. I did however have a lovely day shopping and lunching with a couple of friends and then I met some different friends and went for dinner and to see a band. All in all a very good day, albeit not a very productive one...
I did wear my new Miss Lottie Lou trousers however and as promised here's a photo!

Headscarf: Charity Shop
Necklace: 'borrowed' from Mum's jewellery box
Bracelet: Charity Shop
Bag: Vintage
Blue Cardigan: 'borrowed' from Mum's wardrobe
Yellow Vest: Vintage
Green Wide Legged Trousers: Miss Lottie Lou
Sandles: Vintage

Goodness I look so awkward! I shall work on poses and backgrounds I swear! This was taken by my Mum in our living room. My trousers were super comfortable all day and I'm really pleased at how well they turned out. I usually live in skirts but I can see these becoming a wardrobe staple!

Speaking of skirts that is what I am doing tomorrow. I have some fabulous woven woollen fabric which is going to look awesome as a skirt. I shall post some photos of that tomorrow :)

Take care, Lottie x

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Exciting Times!

It's all go now! My Facebook fan page is up and running so go check it out HERE. It's quite exciting to see the fan list grow! It was scary putting it out there for the world to see so I'm glad people are taking to it well :)

Today I applied for a selling space somewhere super cool but I don't want to say too much about it incase it doesn't work out. But I have fingers crossed! I also had a commission today. Someone saw the fabric on my Facebook page and messaged me about having a dress made up! We've had a brief discussion about what she wants and it's very 50s so I'm excited about that new project.
Speaking of projects I finished off a couple of garments today. First was a dress for a friend for her 21st party. I'd love to say more about it or post some photos but it's top secret. No-one is allowed to know anything about it, not even her own mother! The other was just a quick pair of dark green trousers for myself as they will fit wonderfully into my wardrobe. I'm giving them a road test tomorrow so I shall post some photos of them out and about.
The thing I love best about being able to make clothes myself is when I think of something I would like to have in my wardrobe, I just make it! Though when it comes to Miss Lottie Lou this can be dangerous as I would love to keep everything I make but I won't get anywhere doing that! When I get fabric that I would just love to have something made up in, I specifically make it not in my size so I can't keep it. I would much rather it went to a loving home :)

Well until tomorrows photo entry, take care.
Lottie x