Sunday, 28 February 2010

Hello :)

After reading so many blogs I have finally taken the plunge and got myself one!

On my blog I will track the progress of the fashion business I'm setting up. You might have guessed what my business is called...Miss Lottie Lou! The name is a play on my real name and just sounds too darn cute! I make clothes out of vintage and recycled materials in 40s and 50s style, sometimes using vintage patterns, other times basing them on vintage garments I own or dream of owning.
I grew up in those eras so to speak as both my parents are heavily into the fashion and culture. I attended my first rock and roll weekender at 8 months old and even learnt to crawl in the chalet! Since then my love for the fashion and music has grown and will continue to do so :)

I look forward to exchanging comments and getting some feedback from anyone who wishes to follow me!
Miss Lottie Lou x

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