Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Exciting Times!

It's all go now! My Facebook fan page is up and running so go check it out HERE. It's quite exciting to see the fan list grow! It was scary putting it out there for the world to see so I'm glad people are taking to it well :)

Today I applied for a selling space somewhere super cool but I don't want to say too much about it incase it doesn't work out. But I have fingers crossed! I also had a commission today. Someone saw the fabric on my Facebook page and messaged me about having a dress made up! We've had a brief discussion about what she wants and it's very 50s so I'm excited about that new project.
Speaking of projects I finished off a couple of garments today. First was a dress for a friend for her 21st party. I'd love to say more about it or post some photos but it's top secret. No-one is allowed to know anything about it, not even her own mother! The other was just a quick pair of dark green trousers for myself as they will fit wonderfully into my wardrobe. I'm giving them a road test tomorrow so I shall post some photos of them out and about.
The thing I love best about being able to make clothes myself is when I think of something I would like to have in my wardrobe, I just make it! Though when it comes to Miss Lottie Lou this can be dangerous as I would love to keep everything I make but I won't get anywhere doing that! When I get fabric that I would just love to have something made up in, I specifically make it not in my size so I can't keep it. I would much rather it went to a loving home :)

Well until tomorrows photo entry, take care.
Lottie x


  1. Thanks for following my blog. I added you on Facebook too! I just want to wish you well on this and hope you do wonderful!!!

    xoxoxox twila jean

  2. Super good luck with this blog - looks awesome so far and I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  3. Thank you both for your super kind comments :) I love both of your blogs, they're so inspiring!
    Lottie x


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