Friday, 23 April 2010

One thing after another....keep it coming!!

Hey everyone :)
I've been having some rather exciting times recently! First there was Made In The Shade, then secret plans were made with Carrie from MITS (more will be revealed in due course), now I have a dress order from London fashion journalist Jas Tang who writes for Pretty Things magazine whom I met on Saturday and I'm now part of the Granny Would Be Proud family!! So you can see Miss Lottie Lou on 8th May in Hillhead Library :) Would be swell if any of you are around the Glasgow area and popped in to say hi! I'll blog more information on Granny Would Be Proud soon, but their Facebook page seems to be down at the minute.
Miss Lottie Lou is also doing the costumes for a local theatre company who's show this year is...dum dum duuummmm......High Society!!! Another very exciting development! I had my first production meeting on Monday and I got the show director's email through today for what she envisages the costumes to look like and so far I'm loving her vision and I have so many ideas :D
I also jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. I'm still unsure about it. Does anyone have any opinions on Twitter? Maybe once I'm up and running properly I'll like it and find it useful and what not but right now it's so bare and boring! If any of you have a twitter, leave a link to it so I can follow you! Next bandwagon I'm thinking of jumping on is Flickr. Again any opinions?
Other than that I have so many photos to show you of my latest fabric, clothes and shoe buys. And for some reason another addiction to add to my list is furniture. It's been creeping up on me for a while but I finally acknowledged it when I saw the cutest little art deco piece in Glasgow on Tuesday, dreamt about it that night, and then went up first thing on Wednesday to buy it! I have nowhere to put as of yet but it's beautiful! And totally worth the bruises I got lugging it round Glasgow with me!
I'm super tired now from all this excitement so I best get myself to bed. Tomorrow I'm making a super cute tie top for Miss Amelia ready for our Saturday night out, more on both of them tomorrow.
Hope you're all doing well :)
Lottie x


  1. Loving it sweetie...things are really taking off!
    Let me know where you are finding all this lovely furniture cos our new flat is unfurnished and i need some lovely new things!xxxx

  2. Hello there! I'm a fellow blogger from Glasgow (well, Edinburg originally but we don't talk about these things!). Will try to drop by tomorrow. x

  3. Have just realised we're still in April! Will try to drop by on the correct date! x

  4. Wow! You are up to your eyeballs in exciting news! All of that is huge and wonderful!
    As for twitter, it is strange at first, but I think once you get the hang of it, and if you build up enough of a follower base, it can be a really great way of getting yourself and your work more known!
    Also, Flickr! Its wonderful! Definitely join! You can browse themed groups of photos and add your photos to groups that will get them seen!

    Again, congrats on all the well deserved excitement!

  5. Teehee thanks Bella! You need to get yourself on Helensburgh freegle, thats where I got all my awesome free 50s furniture:
    My latest piece was from Glasgow, down by Starry Starry Nights. We need a furniture shopping trip asap! x

    Hi Sarah look forward to meeting you!! If you come do say hi as I haven't officially met any bloggers in real life! x

    Meaghan Kelly thanks so much for your input :) Flickr sounds good, think I'm going to give it a try. I like the idea of being parts of groups and sharing photos with like minded people. I love your blog so I'm honoured you stopped by! Thanks :) x

    Lottie x


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