Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Hello June

Hey folks :)

Yup I'm still rubbish at blogging...boo. However just wanted to swing by and tell you all the exciting news!
I've been to see Business Gateway and they're setting me up with grants etc and signed me up for various short courses that teach you all kinds of business things like bookkeeping and government things. I've also signed up to the PSYBT who provide business start up help to under 25s. Aaaaaand the other day I opened up a Business bank account :D
So even though I'm not busy creating (though I'm currently working on another toga!) wonderful garments, I'm still out buying fabrics and doing the boring but essential business things. Government and bank things are ever so scary but at the same time really exciting because it's those things that make Miss Lottie Lou a real life grown up business!
Well for the next few weeks I'll probably still be just lurking, popping up to make the occasional comment on your fabulous up to date blogs as this weekend I'm heading to Download Festival as my boyfriend's carer because of the broken ankle, and then I'm home for 2 days and I'm off again this time to the Rockabilly Rave!!! I know which one I'm more excited about! June is my split personality month :)
I'm applying for various stalls to keep me focused on Miss Lottie Lou though and I have a meeting with my first possible stockist tomorrow so fingers crossed :)
I'll keep you posted...eventually!
Lottie x


  1. Well done thats great news, I got blown out by them (not the right age, didnt sign on first, and in the wrong area!).

    So glad you got help though, best of luck with it.

  2. cograts on getting everything started. Im also starting up my own business at the mo and will be on a business course next week. Mine isnt fashion related though, which is a pity. Im becoming a wedding planning, with my mother. Good luck with everything!


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