Friday, 23 July 2010

Love Benefit Cosmetics?

Well do I have a treat for you!!

The fabulous Miss Hana Amelia (you'll have seen her photo popping up in most, if not all, of my photo entries!) is launching a V.I.P Benefit counter in House Of Frasers in Glasgow and to celebrate she's offering free Makeup lessons worth £20! All you need to do is drop her an email quoting 'Miss Lottie Lou' at with your name and telephone number and she'll get back to you with details. You can even take a friend along with you and make a day of it :)

I'm so excited!! I've used Benefit for years and can't get enough of it! I LOVE their Badgal lash mascara, couldn't live without it. In my poor student days I couldn't afford to keep up my Badgal habit so I tried to find a cheaper alternative but to no avail. I quickly learnt my lesson with rubbish cheap mascaras and went back to Benefit and haven't looked back since! I could talk all day long about which Benefit products I use and how fabulous they are but I'll let you all find out for yourselves :)

So email her and come play! Guaranteed it's going to be a fun event and everyone is going to leave looking amazing! I'll be there so hopefully I'll bump into some of you :)
Lottie x

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