Sunday, 28 March 2010

The best things in life are free

My oh my! Remember when I got my fabulous free furniture? Well the other night I received a text from the same people saying they had found a 1950s suit and some hats! When I went round to their house they gave me more than that.....
(sorry for the rubbish photos)

Beautiful blue skirt suit with bows made from real fur...not sure where I stand on the vintage fur thing, especially as I'm vegetarian. What do you all think about vintage fur? I was very surprised the skirt fit but I'm chuffed that it does!

This dress as it is, isn't right for me. It fits beautifully but it's too long so I'm going to take it up.

This was his Mum's wedding headdress from 1959! He still has her wedding dress which he doesn't want to hand into a charity shop but doesn't want to put it in a cupboard forever, so when he's ready to part with it, he's going to give me a call which is unbelievable!

Very cute black hat but my head is huge so I can't get it on. But in my defence it is really small!

Another pretty hat but again it won't fit on my big head :(
A black/blue clutch bag

Blue bag with some wear and tear

Beautiful brown bag

I'm still in shock at this amazing find. Things like this just don't happen to me! I'm now constantly checking freecycle in fear that I might miss something!

Tomorrow I'll be posting more photos, one in particular is of the cutest window display I've seen in Glasgow for a while :)
Until then I think you should go check out MJ over at dreaming spires and old car tyres because she is just one of the nicest people I've 'met' since starting my blog, and truth be told she was one of my main inspirations for starting one. So thanks MJ!

Lottie x


  1.! you're so very lucky!

  2. Lucky duck, What pretty things! They've gone to a good home!!

  3. Nice bags! The suit is awesome. I think vintage fur is ok, as you are certainly not supporting todays fur trade in anyway. Plus small details like these bows are subtle enough not to cause any anti-pro fur debates should you wear this jacket to a bar! xxx

  4. Oh wow, thank you for the shout out! I think you're doing really well with the blog and I'll continue to follow you because you're on the up. I actually can't tell you how much that means to me that you say I was an inspiration for you starting this up: it really makes me smile!

    On a less serious note, I have a fooking MONSTER head so I can never get anything to fit either!

  5. Hi Miss Madeline :) I am very lucky! I'm just so very thankful to the family for everything x

    Brittany they have indeed! And I love your cute little duck phrase :) x

    Thanks Zoe for your view on the fur topic. I think I will venture out in it and if I survive the day then it shall work its way into my wardrobe :) x

    MJ you're very welcome, it's all true :) and thanks for your support as it is very much appreciated. Your monster head comment made me chuckle!! x

  6. You deserve it all! These things DO happen to you! Plus, how lovely for him that his mum's things are going to such an appreciative person. Darling!

  7. Flora you're such a sweetheart! Thanks so much for your lovely comment :)
    Lottie x

  8. wow!!!! i'm so jealous!!! i want them all!! they are very beautiful, enjoy!!!

  9. Teehee thanks joanaddicted :) I wish I could share but I don't think splitting hats and bags is a good idea!
    Lottie x


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