Sunday, 7 March 2010

All Tore Up!

Well well what a busy/lazy weekend! Friday I lined the woollen skirt but since then work has been put on the back burner and partying took over...
Friday night I was in a pub called The Wise Monkey in Glasgow listening to the All Tore Up! DJs play some records. My wide legged green trousers got another outing and I got lots of compliments on them which is ace :)
Saturday I spent the day catching up with family friends who were only in town for the day. Then Saturday night was All Tore Up! which is a 1950s record hop in Glasgow. I help out by taking the money on the door which is actually so much fun as I can check out everyone's outfits! I did lots of bopping and a little bit of strolling which is my workout for the month ha!
And then today I spent the day snuggled up with a blanket watching films and recovering, not from drinking but from tiredness. I can't party like I used to!
Tomorrow the work starts again which I'm looking forward to. In fact I'm going to prep my sewing station now so I'm ready to go in the morning!
Hope you all had a good weekend,
Lottie x


  1. That sound like a very fun weekend! A bit of parting and time with friends and family that’s always the best thing to do on weekends, well that and a lovely time under the sheets watching amazing films, I love old Hollywood films! Or old sitcoms they are the best! And California was very cold this weekend but that didn’t stop me from having fun hahaha! Take care and have a brilliant day!!!♥

  2. Aww I'm glad the weather didn't stop you :)
    Old Hollywood films are the best!
    Must be amazing to live in California.I bet your cold and Scotland's cold are two very different things hahaha!
    Lottie x


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