Monday, 8 March 2010

I've been accepted!!

I have a stall here!! It was so nerve racking applying because I have never done anything like this before and I was scared of putting myself out there. But now it is done and I have had such an amazing positive response I'm on top of the world!! I've re-read the acceptance email a bunch of times to make sure I hadn't read it wrong!
I don't know how many items I should have ready for the event so I'm just going to make as much I can right up until the time comes as I don't want to turn up on the day with like 5 items and end up with zero interest. The event itself is always awesome. I've been to quite a few now and I've always come away with something super cool. If you're near Glasgow you should come by, you'll love it guaranteed :) If not they have events in Edinburgh and they have a really cute shop down Cresswell Lane off of Byres road in Glasgow so plenty of chances to see the magic!
After all the excitement I was too giddy to start anything new. I was just so unfocused because I was daydreaming about my stall, how it would look, what I would be selling and all other kinds of little bits and bobs!
I did however finish Holly Sawkins's 21st party dress. She came round for a fitting and decided she wanted it tighter and shorter so I did the alterations. I'll get her to come round for another fitting before I say it's finished finished. When I make something I don't settle till it's perfect and even then I can always think of something else I could do to make it even more perfect! I think it's something everyone in any creative field struggles with. Perfect is never good enough!!
I probably won't be able to sleep tonight!
Until tomorrow,
Lottie x


  1. I am really enjoying how well your blog is doing - please keep it up! I wish I could come to this but Glasgow is a long way away from me!

  2. Hi Lottie Lou!

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog. It is an honor for me that you have decided to 'follow' me! Your new clothing line sounds incredibly exciting, when are you going to put some photos up on your blog of your creations? I'm dying to see! Do you use vintage patterns, or make your own or what? Good luck planning your stall at this event. I have had stalls selling clthing and accessories before, the only advice I can give is to keep the background of the stall neutral and fresh so your products stand out, and try to take as much stock as you can, even if you don't put it all out initially. I really wish you every success in your new endeavour! Look forward to hearing from you/seeing your progress in the future! x

  3. Thanks so much MJ for the words of encouragement! I'm still a bit shy so to speak getting out there. I feel awkward commenting on other peoples blogs because it feels like I've turned up to a party uninvited!
    And Zoe thanks also to you for your kind words :) Photos of my things are up on my facebook fanpage, I haven't put them up here because I'm still trying to figure this all out. When I add more than one photo everything messes up! I use vintage patterns, make my own, alter retro ones and draft patterns off of vintage clothes I own, so a bit of everything really. And thanks for the stall advice!
    Lottie x x x


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