Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Eeep first photo!

Today I didn't make anything :( Bad times. I did however have a lovely day shopping and lunching with a couple of friends and then I met some different friends and went for dinner and to see a band. All in all a very good day, albeit not a very productive one...
I did wear my new Miss Lottie Lou trousers however and as promised here's a photo!

Headscarf: Charity Shop
Necklace: 'borrowed' from Mum's jewellery box
Bracelet: Charity Shop
Bag: Vintage
Blue Cardigan: 'borrowed' from Mum's wardrobe
Yellow Vest: Vintage
Green Wide Legged Trousers: Miss Lottie Lou
Sandles: Vintage

Goodness I look so awkward! I shall work on poses and backgrounds I swear! This was taken by my Mum in our living room. My trousers were super comfortable all day and I'm really pleased at how well they turned out. I usually live in skirts but I can see these becoming a wardrobe staple!

Speaking of skirts that is what I am doing tomorrow. I have some fabulous woven woollen fabric which is going to look awesome as a skirt. I shall post some photos of that tomorrow :)

Take care, Lottie x


  1. Thanks :) Can't go wrong with dark green and mustard!

  2. Love the outfit, you look quite prim and 50's. Cute :)

    Paddy☮ xx

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